Soccer Training Materials by Age Level

By | June 5, 2021

Football training material according to age level is important for everyone who wants to explore this sport further. Because, with the right football training material for the age level, the provision of knowledge about football will be more efficient.

The soccer training material according to the age level itself is divided into four phases. The first phase is filled by those under eight years old. Players under the age of eight who want to learn the world of football are very important to get more touch on the ball.

In this way, players will further improve their individual skills, but still get directions. In this phase, football training materials must also be given in a happy atmosphere to the players so that they continue to enjoy every moment of it.

The second phase of soccer training material according to age level consists of an age range of 8-1 years. At this age, they will start to idolize players, want more skills, to like to imitate and follow their idol team.

No doubt, children at this age will begin to enter and develop in the football school they attend. They will also start learning to compete because they already have good mental and physical coordination with other players.

The third phase is filled by the age of 10-12 years. This phase is considered a learning period from the golden age (8-10 years). Brands will usually start to need a club they can join in order to improve their football skills.

The coaches who handle children at this age usually already have a lot of experience. He must be able to train his children methodically and effectively without losing enthusiasm.

The last or fourth phase consists of ages 12-14 years. At this age, children are known to start growing up so they have a feeling to produce or get things done. They will also become more critical in this phase.

Therefore, proper and good training methods are very important for players at this age. Small games with 4 vs 4 players will be very effective in developing their playing skills with the team.

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