Early Childhood Football Player Development

By | June 14, 2021

IT is not easy to find young football talents to form a strong national team. The lack of facilities and infrastructure, especially the difficulty of finding land to develop young players is a big obstacle for Football Schools in South Africa. However, this should not be an obstacle.

Learning from experience, many ways need to be addressed, including by taking advantage of the momentum of the current rise of indoor indoor and indoor arenas.

To focus on coaching junior players, the following concepts are presented for youth development that need to get the attention of the coaches.

Why Do Children Like to Play Ball?
1. Find (fun); 2. Socialize; 3. Provide self-confidence motivation; 4. Train the motor body from an early age; 5. Brain dancing (training the brain’s ability to think quickly)

Basic Program
1 . Warming up; 2. Warming-up with the ball; 3 . Passing and dribbling; 4. Ball feeling (Touch with the ball); 5. Speed ​​and determination (Speed ​​and motion of ball possession); 6. Complete knowledge of football (History); 7. Get to know the organization of football games.

Training program for U-10 – U-14
Exercise 3 times a week for 90 minutes each. The program emphasizes on warming-up without the ball, 10 minutes warming-up with the ball, 10 minutes of passing, 20 minutes of dribbling (combination), 10 minutes of ball feeling, and 30 minutes of games, closed with 10 minutes of stretching/relaxing.

The training program also demands the creativity of the trainer/trainer so that the children feel comfortable and have full concentration for 90 minutes.

Minimum 1 ball for 2 children.

The trainer’s approach to students: 1. Confidence (Confidence); 2. Creativity (Creativity); 3. Enthusiasm (Enthusiasm); 4. Fairness (mutual respect); 5. Integrity (Having personal reliability); 6. Open-minded (Has a personal openness); 7. Commitment to Excellence (Having a commitment).

Children are motivated towards football; get young players with high intelligence.

Keep in mind, football stars are born not only because of mere talent, but the hard work of all parties involved.

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